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The Lab of ESIPE-Créteil

Welcome! The lab of the engineering school of Paris-Est Créteil University (ESIPE-Créteil, former ESIAG-MIAGE) is a transdisciplinary "craft" lab (a mix between learning, gaming and fab lab) where students and teachers study serious gaming, gamification and game-based learning. According to Philippe Tomblaine, in his book "Video games, a story of the 10th art", the game is a mine of scriptwriting situations. In Gamixlab, we believe that it is also a mine of learning situations. It is therefore to take advantage of (video)game production to imagine new uses of opportunistic game-based learning.


The main objective is to co-design agile, innovative, low-cost, usable and diffusable training platforms or systems for teachers and professional trainers by integrating any kind of games : video games, tabletop role-playing games, wargames, professional low-fidelity simulators, board games, etc.  Our work aims face-training and therefore do not care directly to serious games (in the canonical sense of the term, that is to say, a game designed by a specialized editor) .


For this, we rely on recognized academic and professional partners related to simulation training (including members of ADIS group). All the projects themselves are seen as places of learning and are made according to agile project management methods and design thinking approach.


We permanently search about academic and business partners for supporting our projects and proposing new ones. We also welcome other components or universities students or teachers to participate in our different activities. Do not hesitate to contact us for any kind of subjects (project proposal, project management, partnership, sponsorship, lectures, etc.). Thank you !

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The seven projects for the period 2016 - 2017

  • SICRAFT v2: evolution of the SICRAFT information systems training platform ( composed of the videogame Minecraft and the open source enterprise resource planning Dolibarr (organizations involved: ESIPE and IAE Gustave Eiffel);
  • Vet'Lab v2: design of an exerciser (in the LMS Moodle) for the veterinary students to practice on an X-ray machine model (organizations involved: ESIPE and National Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort);
  • Enhanced organisation: prospective project to study the evolution of information systems as a transhumanist perspective. Multiple technical devices will be used: Arduino, OpenSimulator virtual world, virtual reality helmets, etc. The work will be associated with scientific research activities (organizations involved: ESIPE and association française transhumaniste Technoprog);
  • Ing-Air: study to identify Prepar3D flight simulator connection capabilities with external professional tools like geographic information systems (organization invollved: ESIPE)
  • JDL (Jeux de langues): study on the value of tabletop role playing games to the teaching of foreign languages. This work is part of scientific research. (organizations involved: ESIPE and faculty of Law);
  • T2P4T (theory to practice for team): a research in management with the military game-based simulator Virtual Battlespace 3 and/or the videogame Minecraft (organizations involved: ESIPE, Télécom École de Management and Bohemia Interactive Simulations);
  • Lego serious play: study on the value of this method for the management of information systems (organizations involved: ESIPE).
  Équipe SICRAFT

Our resources

  • Brains and imagination !
  • Videogames (MinecraftEduKerbalEdu, Virtual Battlespace 3, Wargame Red Dragon, Prepar3D Pro, Call of Duty Black Ops III, Hacknet and GTA V)
  • Tabletop role-playing games (Ryuutama, Wasterland, Eclipse Phase, Sens Hexalogie, Hexagon Universe, Les lames du Cardinal and Call of Cthulhu)
  • Wargames and board games (Axis and Allies Europe 1940, Marignan 1515, 1969, 1812 The invasion of Canada, Ticket to Ride, Star Realms, Android Netrunner and Blue Max)
  • 7 gaming computers and HTC Nexus 3 tablets
  • Lego Serious Play complete suite
  • 10 Raspberry, Arduino and Makeblock kits.
Lapin Marteau
Sopra Steria
Sopra Steria
Bohemia Interactive Simulations
Bleu Horizon Conseil
Red Kiwi
Sens Hexalogie
AFT Technoprog